Agiline SharePoint’s Smart Industry Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most capable technologies that can address varied requirements of different industries with ease and grace. The smart design and the tools available in SharePoint make it the most suited technology for developing vivid industry applications.

Agiline SharePoint, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is deploying the potential of SharePoint into varied Industry Solutions from several years. Starting from HR, Finances and Healthcare to Government Agencies, Higher education and Insurance, Agiline has developed varied industry solutions to meet their unique industry requirements. The company has harnessed its skills in this competitive domain, to offer cutting edge Industry ECM solutions. Some of the major Industry ECM solutions that Agiline SharePoint specializes in include:

Health Care: The healthcare solution from Agiline is designed with smartness to address even the smallest nuances of the healthcare segment.  The time proven solutions provide easy and efficient management of patient record, chart, forms, lab and clinical records, insurance and much more

Government Agencies:  These solutions offer efficient information processing, simple collaboration of disparate departments, electronic document management, reporting and analysis, along with much essential security.

Financial Services: Thanks to Agiline’s robust technology solutions that are designed to address the complex financial systems and their intricacies. The SharePoint technology is deployed at its best in Agiline’s solutions for Financial Services.

Higher Education:  Our advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have much to offer, to make Education Systems better. Starting from Better Collaboration, Streamlined Operations and Processes, the Quick Student Services, and Simplified Accounting make the operation and management of educational institutions, simple, straightforward and efficient, all at once!

Insurance: Agiline’s specialized SharePoint solutions work towards computerizing humungous paper work and record keeping involved in the insurance domain, and offer simplified information management, claims management, underwriting process, policy administration and more…


Improving Collaboration with SharePoint


SharePoint is often times picked as a preferred option for information-sharing and collaboration. This shows the power of SharePoint as a collaboration tool. However, there are some secret ingredients well within the SharePoint, which can maximize the collaborative capacity of SharePoint. Well managed governance is the key behind making the most of SharePoint’s Collaboration capacity.

While one is planning to adopt SharePoint as a collaboration tool, focusing on the following points can help one to get the best out of SharePoint Collaboration.

Plan well for Governance

While starting with any collaboration process, the main goal would be to have management and governance aligned. This also serves as an effective way to build relationships between staff and management, which helps to ensure that the project stays on track.

Start Small

To begin with a pilot is always good way to start using SharePoint Collaboration. With this, one can achieve a quick win by creating an opportunity to increase staff learning and refine IT processes. After the initial success, one can plan to extend it further.

Handle Metadata with Care

SharePoint 2010 incorporates a very strong usage of descriptive and managed metadata to offer a robust enterprise content management environment and search. The end users and senior management must be consulted often to get the information on the key words and terms they search for, on a regular basis. Have discussions on the importance of tagging new and imported documents with certain metadata and how it can drive business efficiency.


SharePoint 2010 has innumerable features and capabilities for any one person to know! Hence imparting proper training and keeping track of the progress helps achieve maximum productivity among the end users and management alike.

Agiline’s EDC

Electronic Direction for Complaint – A product developed by Agiline, is a secure system built to streamline case processing system at Law Enforcement Agencies. The system tracks the case processing system, starting from data capture, all the way till prosecutor’s case management assignment. On initial deployment the system is capable of capturing all the crucial information, including Case type, Victim and Witness information, Discovery, Charge details, Prior convictions, Officer witnesses and Defendant details. Apart from these, the system can also capture image files, video files and other types of file attachments.

Why EDC?

The Prosecutor’s office is responsible to receive and process accurate and complete information from Law Enforcement Agencies within strict timelines. Most agencies are required to supply a court liaison that delivers and picks Directions for Complaint and evidence on a daily basis. This process is costly, error prone, and slow. Many Prosecutor offices face regular issues in this system, such as repeated errors, inefficient resource usage, and delayed processes.

Agiline’s Electronic Direction for Complaint addresses these issues, eliminates human errors, automates the process, and provides a secure, easy-to-use web-based interface to capture the data.

EDC Advantages

Following are the advantages of adopting EDC:

·         Error reduction

·         Cost reduction

·         Secure submissions

·         Easy tracking of submissions

·         Time saving

Agiline CRM’s Professional Services

Implementation and maintenance of highly complex, large-scale systems often times require professional help in planning, organizing, design, development and management of the systems. Agiline CRM’s Professional Services are such services, which you can rely on, to help leverage the best from your software systems.

The consultants at Agiline are highly knowledgeable and can provide feasible solution framework, which can promote system integration. For achieving your goals quickly and effectively, Agiline team breaks the entire project into phases — Plan & Design, Development & Control, Execution & Transition and User Education. These phases are strategically planned to provide predictable and controlled mechanism, which is required to initiate and manage multiple projects throughout your CRM Initiative.

Agiline’s approach provides high visibility into the progress, completion and acceptance of deliverables across all projects within the CRM Initiative. Our expert consultants provide the guidance you need to help avoid costly delays, which are often caused by problems that can occur between stated strategy and resulting technology implementation. We help you deploy the technology solution that provides a scalable foundation for the growing needs of your business in the future.

Services Offered:

·        Project Needs Analysis

·         Design & Implementation Planning

·         Installation & Business Rules Development

·         Back-Office Application Integration

·         Data Migration

·         Agiline CRM Customization

·         Project Management

.         End-User & System Administrator Training

Agiline Launches new product – Task Manager for Teamwork – Outlook Add-In

Task Manager for Teamwork” Outlook 2010/ Outlook 2013 Add-In build for

This Outlook Add-In will be assist the users of teamwork product to create tasks in the site from email content. This product also allows the users to assign that tasks to other user(s) and add schedule and priority along with estimated time to complete.

Below are few main features of the product.

  • Enables single click to create task directly from Outlook 2010 / Outlook 2013.
  • Enables user to place the tasks under specific Project and under any Task list within.
  • Enables user to assign Task to one or more persons on the project.
  • Enables user to schedule a Task by inputting Start and Due Dates along with Estimate time to complete.
  • Enables user to set Priority of the task.
  • Enables user to notify the assignees.
  • Enables user to create tasks from Outlook Inbox Explorer (ribbon menu) as well as from View Mail Item (ribbon menu).
  • Overall this add-in enables user to Sync Outlook tasks to TeamworkPM.

Please visit us @ for full details.

This Outlook Add-In is now available at Agilinestore – Check out here

Web Application Development – The Art of Technology

A Custom Web Application, which brings an elegant business idea to life on the Internet, can serve as a big boon to the enterprise.  An effective web application can act as powerful marketing, information, as well as promotional tool.

Based on the intent of the web application, the design and features of the web application vary. Web application development includes the process of turning a business concept into a well-designed, interactive and effective application on the Internet. For turning a concept into a live and interactive site, which meets all the business objectives, is a tremendous task, and requires discipline and proper planning.

Every web application development includes the development of a platform which interacts with other, different applications. Then it involves the development of web interface and moves on further, to include the database integration, where the users can store, retrieve and update their application specific data on the website.

Apart from the core development activities, the web application development also includes activities like buying the web space on the Internet (hosting), creating a browser friendly site etc. The scope of the website also plays a major role in the Web Application Development.

With the availability of numerous technology platforms and heavy competition in the web application development domain, sometimes it may get overwhelming to choose a good technology partner. However, some basic check points like previous development experience, client testimonies, development cost, maintenance, support etc. can make the process of selecting the technology partner simpler. Go slow, choose the right partner and conquer the virtual world!

AgilineSharePoint’s SharePoint Consulting Services

Agiline, a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft, holds special expertise in the SharePoint Technology. The company has also launched an exclusive site dedicated only for its SharePoint Solutions, Products & Services. Agiline prides itself for having an expert team, specializing in Microsoft SharePoint Technology.

Backed by expert team and years of experience in the SharePoint domain, Agiline’s consulting services can give detailed guidance to the organizations for making their business decisions related to SharePoint. From selection of SharePoint Technology, to Branding, Technology Design, and Business deployment, From Migration to Customized Solutions, the consulting services offered by Agiline deal with every aspect related to Microsoft SharePoint.

Further, the consulting services also provide step-by-step direction to every type of SharePoint solution. The company also offers end-to-end internet and intranet SharePoint solutions, including collaboration tools, document management and sharing systems, specialized Enterprise Content Management solutions, as well as custom web applications, which assist and enhance the efficiency of businesses and their decision making. Agiline offers well detailed SharePoint Consulting Services in the following areas:

  • Applications
  • Portals
  • Business Intelligence
  • Intranet / Extranet
  • SharePoint Implementation
  • SharePoint Customization
  • SharePoint Branding
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Dashboards
  • Work Flows
  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Web Part Development

Explore this wide world of SharePoint Consulting, and get the true competitive advantage that the SharePoint technology offers.